Hey Girl!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate your time! Can we get real for a second here??? After all, I’ve been in your shoes not long ago, looking for that “thing” that is going to get me the results I want, feeling frustrated, feeling desperate, so I get it!

I get the fear
I get wanting to stay in those warm little comfort zones
I get the overwhelm of starting from square one
I get ALL the feelings that you are feeling right now, because I have felt them too.

The thing is, great things NEVER come from comfort zones, so before we move any further with this fancy little application, I need to ask you a few questions. Because, I have had too many women over the years fill this out, and then choose to stay stuck, unhappy, unhealthy. The bottom line is, you have to WANT to change MORE than you want to stay the same.

I know sharing some of the info on this form can make you feel a little vulnerable, but I can promise that you won't regret getting started with me! And like I said, sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to FINALLY make a change in our lives. We have to invest in ourselves (joining me is not free, and I believe you get what you pay for. So expect a lot from me! Would you expect to have a nutritionist work with for free, or go to a gym and not pay to use their facilities?)

I have gone through my own weight loss/heatlh journey so I know how it feels at the beginning! I can WITHOUT A DOUBT say that having a coach like me, and an accountability group, is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself! I've been there. I know what it takes and I am still on this journey WITH you, every step of the way! As well as the others that will be in our private group via an app on your phone, with us!

My goal is helping you achieve sustainable results and making lifestyle changes, so it's important that I get to know your needs, goals and struggles, which is what this form will help me do! So please take it seriously And if you are taking the time to fill out this application, then I know you are ready to take your health back, don't let your fears get in your way!! My coaching is 100% complimentary! Your only investment is the complete home workout program and nutrition package that is best for you.

Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you in the next 24-72 hours, letting you know if you have been selected. I truly wish I could work with everyone, but I have to make sure I limit the amount of new clients I take on, so my clients get the best support and results! I hope you understand! I value the time you take to submit this info to me and I hope you too value the time I take in sending your recommendation.

If you are seriously ready to change your life, then let's get started…


*This group is NOT for those already happily working with another coach or currently a coach themselves. US, U.K. and Canada residents only please.

***Sometimes you need to slide this page down twice to see the link to "start your journey"***
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Energy is everything. Tell me how you feel? *

Do you like to get physical? Tell me about your weekly physical activity. *

What type of workouts do you typically enjoy? *

For the love of food, tell me about your current eating habits *

Tell me what a typical day of eating looks like for you right now *

Do you use any supplements? If so, what? *

Do you drink/take anything for energy? Coffee, energy drinks, etc. *

{{answer_52253985}},tell me how well you manage the stress in your life *

Check all that apply to you *

Check any programs you have done *

Do you have Beachbody On Demand All Access? *

Have you tried/used the 21 Day Fix container nutrition system before? *

Select the best answer for yourself about Shakeology? *

How would you rate your satisfaction with your current fitness status? *

{{answer_52253985}}, on average how often do you eat out each week? *

What is your age range? *

Check any of the following that apply to you *

Do you have any other medical conditions or injuries? *

Which body type depicts you the MOST right now {ZERO JUDGEMENT HERE}

This helps me decide what your starting point is with body fat percentage. *

How would you rate your satisfaction with your body right now? (Be honest. It's ok to want to improve your body and this group will be helping you improve from the INSIDE - OUT!) *

What do you struggle with the most as far as your nutrition and fitness? *

Knowing what to eat? How much to eat? Time? Limitations?
What are your health and fitness goals? Having a vision and measurable goal is so important! *

Please take your time answering this question
What's your goal body? Keep in mind YOUR body type and what's realistic. Upload a picture from Pinterest, Google, or maybe a picture of you previously. *

If you are 5'2" and have an hourglass figure, you don't want to be striving for a picture online that is of someone naturally thin, no curves, unrealistic thigh gap and 6'1" ;0)
WHAT or WHO really motivates you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle? *

Who do you admire? Who do you look to for inspiration? WHAT inspires you? It could be a friend, public figure, your kids…anything!
What is your reason for wanting to make changes now? (Think DEEP here — kids, health, family) *

On a scale of 1 - 10, HOW ready are you to make changes in your life, get amazing results, FEEL amazing AND enjoy INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY while you do it?! *

Any other information you would like for me to know about you? I'll be in touch with 24 hours of receiving your application. Be sure to check the email (junk email) you provided. I can't wait to get to know you better! *

{{answer_52253985}}, thank you for taking the time to fill out my Virtual Fit Club Application. I look forward to reading your answers and getting to know you better. Look for an email from yours truly in 24-72 hours.

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